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Silk eyelash extensions with half the weight

The same length = half the weight = The so desired exuberant long and thick eye look

For customers who love long and thick eyelash extensions, Lashes 21 introduces exclusively the FLAT Silk eyelash extensions.

The FLAT eyelash extensions are exactly the same quality STANDARD Silk, but cut in half.

Half of the eyelash = half the weight = the desired result of ‘full’ look 

Test it yourself: Open a box of STANDARD eyelash extensions and a box of FLAT eyelash extensions of the same thickness and length and compare them by touching, how softer

and light they are.

Example: In a client that is indicated thickness 10 or 15mm, because it has a thin natural eyelash,

we can without any damage to the customer, apply a thickness 20mm, providing a more glamorous look.  


Available only in trays:

. Available in trays (boxes)

. Single-sized eyelash trays

. Sizes: 6mm to 12mm

. Curves:B, C, D and J

. Thickness: 0,10mm, 0,15mm and 0,20mm