Lashes 21

Eyelash extension is a beautification technique that aims to both extend and provide extra thickness to one’s natural eyelashes, conferring an elegant look to the subject’s eye. Professionals capable of performing Eyelash Extensions are in increasingly high demand due to clients’ ever-growing need to save time in their daily makeup routine or due to sparse natural eyelashes. Lashes21 is born to meet this growing demand of offering potential professionals high quality education and consequentially provide them with the very best products. Entirely dedicated to the world of Eyelash Extensions, Lashes21 is proud to be a certified training organization in this field, as recognized by the Portuguese Government under DGERT. Following our driving purpose of achieving excellence, all Lashes21 products follow the guidelines for cosmetic products set for Europe and as enforced by INFARMED in order to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of professionals and their clients. Know more about our professional training and products.